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Course Introduction

Embark on an exhilarating journey into trading with our Stock Market Trading Course. Learn everything you need to know, from market trends to practical trading skills. It is led by an experienced trainer with over 12+ years of trading experience and nine years of teaching.


You'll explore technical analysis, cash segment trading, and futures & options trading in a way that's easy to understand. Discover how to manage risks, make wise investment decisions in IPOs, and analyze global markets. Our course is unique because it's not just theory – it's all about hands-on experience.


In our Live Trading Sessions, you can apply what you've learned in real time. We keep our class sizes small so you can get personalized attention and have a chance to ask questions. Plus, you'll receive study material to support your learning.


Whether you want to start a new career or enhance your trading skills, our Stock Market Trading Course is the perfect stepping stone.


So why wait? Enroll for the best stock market course in Indore and gain the confidence to navigate the stock market with ease! 

Course Details

  • Introduction: Market Participants, Financial Intermediaries, and Regulator

  • Primary Market: IPO Investing Strategy

  • Secondary Market: Global Markets Analysis, Corporate Actions, Live Online Trading, Analyzing Shareholding pattern and FII's & DII's Buying/Selling

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis: Price & Volume Analysis and Types of Charts

  • Chart & Trends: Timeframe, Support & Resistance, Trend Lines and Channels

  • Candle Stick Charts: Single and Double Candlestick

  • Major Indicators & Oscillators: EMA, VWAP, RSI, Supertrend and Pivot Points

  • Chart Patterns: Reversal and Continuation

  • Trading Strategies: Smart Money Concept, Price Action and Dow Theory

  • Target & Stop Loss Price: Using Heikin Ashi Strategy

  • Trading Type: Intraday, Swing and Positional Trading

  • Futures: Introduction, Pricing, Trading, Margin and Cost-of-Carry

  • Options: Introduction, Option Pricing, Factors Affecting Option Price and Trading

  • Option Strategies: Protective Put, Covered Call, Bull & Bear Spread, Straddle, Strangle and Iron Condor

  • Option Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Rho and Vega

  • Option Chain Analysis

  • Corporate Actions: Impact of Dividend on F&O price

  • Trading Strategies: Smart Money Concept, Dow Theory and Zero Hero Index Trading

  • Professional Trading Setup

  • Option Writing

  • Target & Stop-Loss Price

  • Trading Type: Intraday, Swing and Positional Trading

  • Risk-Reward Ratio: Evaluating The Ratio Based On Accuracy Levels

  • Position Sizing: Calculating The Appropriate Quantity to Trade

  • Stop-Loss Orders: Trading With Strict Stop Loss

  • Behavioral Biases: Loss Aversion Bias, Disposition Effect, Overconfidence Bias, Confirmation Bias, Herd Mentality, Recency Bias, Gambler's Fallacy and Self-attribution Bias

  • Risk Tolerance: Understanding Individual Risk Tolerance

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Training Features

Classrooms Training Features

Daily 1 Hrs classes
Every module covered with a practical approach
A hard copy of the study material
CFA qualified faculty with 12+ yrs of trading experience
Course completion certificate

Live Online Training Features

Daily 1 Hrs classes
Every module covered with a practical approach
e-study material through the mobile application
CFA qualified faculty with 12+ yrs of trading experience
e-certificate post course completion

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K Karan Satsangi

One of the best institutes to learn Stock Market Trading.

B Bhavika Saraf

An absolutely amazing place to learn about the share market and different trading Strategies. I have completed 3 of the courses from this institute diploma in stock market, technical analysis and advance technical and currently preparing for CFA Level 1 from the same. It has been an fantastic experience to learn. The teaching facilities are very knowledgeable and provide knowledge about it from the zero level to the higher end and gives enough practice to make their students learn about it.

H Harsh Trivedi

One of the best Institute for Stock Market in Central India. Must join to Learn Trading.

H Harshika Chaube

I have joined this ccg for stock market and technical analysis course. The facilities are very experienced and supportive. It was a great experience overall.

T Teha Khan

I have done Basic stock market course and Advance Technical course from the institute it was a wonderful experience learning in love market. Faculties are awesome and very helpful