Technical Analysis

Course Introduction

Technical Analysis is a simple and easy-to-understand research methodology used to determine the price change of securities. Technical Analysis is globally followed among the traders' community to identify the profit-making opportunities in the Stock, Commodity, Currency, and Crypto Currency market.

The technical analysis course covers all the major and proven technical analysis concepts & techniques used among the traders. The regular practice sessions during the period will help candidates to get a professional command of:

  • technical analysis concepts,

  • charting software,

  • trading strategies,

  • identifying the securities to trade,

  • and limiting the risk & increasing the profit potential

Course Details

  • Technical Analysis: Introduction, Tools, and Assumptions

  • Price: Line Chart, Bar Chart, and Candlestick Chart

  • Volume: Interpretation & Analysis

  • Timeframe: Interpretation and Application

  • Support and Resistance: Meaning and Identification

  • Trend Lines: Implication, Reliability, and Uses

  • Trends: Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideway/Horizontal trend

  • Channels: Upward, Downtrend and Sideways Price Channel

  • Single Candlestick: Marubozu, Doji, Spinning Tops, Hammer, Hanging Man, and Shooting Star

  • Multiple Candlestick: Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Pattern, Piercing Pattern, Bearish & Bullish Harami, Dark Cloud Cover and Morning & Evening Star

  • EMA Crossover, RSI, MACD, Supertrend, and Pivot Points

  • Reversal: Head and Shoulders, Double Tops and Bottoms, Triple Tops and Bottoms, Inverse Head and Shoulders

  • Continuation: Cup and Handle, Triangles, Flag and Pennant Wedge

  • Stop Loss & Target Price: Calculation Using Advance Gann Theory

  • Trading Strategies For Cash Segment & Futures: Open Low / Open High, Cross Over and Price Action

  • Exclusive Option Trading Strategy

  • Risk Management: Risk-to-Reward Ratio and Risk Managed Trading Qty

  • Others: Trading Checklist, and Live Screeners & Scanners

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Training Features

Classrooms Training Features

Daily 1 hrs class from Monday to Friday
Learn technical analysis with charting software
A hard copy of the study material
CFA qualified faculty with 12+ Yrs of trading & teaching experience
30+ hrs of practise
Course completion certificate

Live Online Training Features

Daily 1 hrs class from Monday to Friday using zoom
Learn technical analysis with charting software
e-study material through mobile application
CFA qualified faculty with 12+ Yrs of trading & teaching experience
30+ hrs of practise
e-certificate post course completion

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Student Review

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N Nitisha Khandelwal

Done technical analysis course, It was a nice experience got to learn lot about trading and its strategies

A Aryaman Malani

Had the amazing time here. Done my technical analysis course from here. The teacher is great always have your back. You'll get all the knowledge you need for trading. It's all the worth

R Rishabh

Best trading strategies I have learned yet. Super qualified faculty(CFA holders). Awesome classroom with Air-conditioning. Live market analysis. Strongly recommend for learning technical Analysis and CFA preparation.

D Diksha Khandelwal

I have done Technical Analysis course. It was wonderful experience to learn in live market. Atmosphere is very inspiring. Got to know various trading and investment strategies

R Ruchi Gour

I have an amazing experience for technical analysis in maheshwari institute....the faculty was too good....I seriously enjoyed studying technical analysis their.