Trading futures and options is a lucrative but complex endeavor involving speculative bets on the price movements of various assets like commodities, stocks, and currencies. The trading mechanisms, contracts, and strategies for futures and options are distinct, but both offer the chance to hedge against market risks or gain from market movements. Maheshwari Institute’s Advance Trading Strategies is an ideal starting point to learn futures and options trading for those intrigued by the potential for high rewards but hindered by the complexity. This course offers a deep dive into the mechanisms and strategies you need to trade successfully in these financial derivatives.


The course starts with “Options Trading Strategies for Equity, Index, and Currency,” where you will engage in option chain analysis, touching upon topics like Put Call Ratio, Open Interest Analysis, and more. You’ll also study different options strategies, including Bull Spread, Bear Spread, and Straddle. The course provides a detailed look into option Greeks like Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho.


As you proceed, you’ll have the opportunity to learn futures and options trading strategies specific to indices like the Nifty Bank, Nifty 50, and Nifty Financial Services. The second module covers “Advance Trading Strategies for Equity, Commodity, and Currency,” you will learn about price action trading using Heikin Ashi Candles, scalping, and reversal trading strategies employing Bollinger Bands. The third module focuses on the Elliott Wave Theory, giving practical insights into its application in live markets.


This course is tailor-made to provide experienced traders with the knowledge and skills to excel in the vibrant world of futures and options. To maximize your trading potential, don’t hesitate to enroll and learn futures and options trading through Maheshwari Institute’s comprehensive course.


Why is Maheshwari Institute the right choice?


Maheshwari Institute stands out for multiple reasons for those who want to learn future and option trading


The Institute boasts an impressive track record, having trained over 10,000 candidates in various aspects of trading and investment. Furthermore, they have successfully placed more than 1,000 students in reputable firms, reflecting the courses’ quality and employability. 


Adding to the Institute’s credibility are the numerous corporate training sessions and seminars they have conducted, which not only widen the student’s exposure but also allow them to network with industry experts. 


Last but not least, the Institute provides hundreds of internship opportunities, allowing students to gain practical experience and better understand the real-world applications of their training.


Ready to learn futures and options trading? Find out more about Maheshwari Institute’s Advance Trading Strategiesprogram here.