With India’s market capitalization soaring to an impressive $3.31 trillion, placing it fifth among the top 10 most-valued countries, there are certainly big opportunities in the financial markets. Since the beginning of the year, the country has seen its market capitalization rise by almost $330 billion, underscoring the immense potential in this sector.

But tapping into this burgeoning market requires more than just enthusiasm—it demands a specialized skill set. A financial modeling course can be your gateway to understanding and benefiting from this vibrant economic landscape.

A holistic approach to finance

Maheshwari Institute (MICR) offers an all-encompassing Financial Markets & Financial Modelling Course that aims to make you industry-ready. Given the complexity and diversification of financial markets, the course is designed to equip candidates with a broad range of skills and practical knowledge. Whether you’re looking to secure a high-paying job in finance and investments, become a savvy trader or investor, launch your own venture, or simply enhance your professional profile, this course has you covered.

Learn financial modeling step by step.

Our financial modeling course is structured in a sequential manner, leading you progressively through different aspects of financial modeling. Each of the 11 modules focuses on a specific topic. You can expect to learn:

  1. The basics of financial markets
  2. How to read and interpret news articles
  3. Stock market trading
  4. Advanced skills in MS Excel
  5. Equity valuation and fundamental analysis using financial modeling
  6. Analysis of the macroeconomy
  7. Strategies and pricing of derivatives
  8. An Overview of Fixed Income
  9. Getting started with currencies
  10. Agricultural and non-agricultural commodities
  11. Techniques in technical analysis

Not just a course but a career builder

This financial modeling course will prepare you for prestigious exam-based certifications like NCFM by the NSE Academy, NISM by SEBI, and the Investment Foundation Program by the CFA Institute in the USA. It even lays the foundation for CFA Level 1 exam preparation. In other words, enrolling in this course not only gives you the skills but also the credentials to succeed in the finance sector.

Take the first step to a career in financial modelling!

Start building a fulfilling and lucrative career in finance by enrolling in Maheshwari Institute’s Financial Markets & Financial Modelling Course. To find out more or to sign up, reach out to us today.